About Us

Permanent development and vitality experienced in a company are the basic requirements for lasting economic success. We want to make our active contribution to this development.

With a highly passionate and professional approach we commit ourselves to optimise those processes in a company that are created and shaped through interactions among human beings.

Wherever human beings interact, there will be highly complex processes that cannot be totally planned ahead. It is our aim to understand these encounters and to influence and thus improve them consciously.

The concurrence of different backgrounds of experiences, perspectives, interests or cultural aspects is - no matter where or when - the basis of misunderstandings and conflicts. Simultaneously, it is also the creative tension for the initiation of new developments, for learning and innovation. We would like to contribute to establishing a flow where a process has come to a halt so that unused potentials can be used again.

To do so we are active in three central areas which according to our view are particularly responsible for sustainable success.

These fields of activities represent the different levels of system in a company:

The company as a systemic organisation through organisational consulting, management consulting, innovation management, and process counselling

The employees and their subgroups, areas and departments through training courses, workshops, and human resources development measures

Teams and individual persons through coaching

A design of a company's future as well as its vitality are a result of organisational development, team development and personality development. Together we search for existing energies and resources and for ways to bring them actively and constructively into a future-oriented process. Thus a higher level of performance arises and as a consequence enthusiasm, a thirst for action and motivation to create something. At the beginning it is necessary to reflect which measures are most sensible for which level of the company, its aims and its success at a given point of time.

Your contact partner

First discussions about specific questions concerning a particular company will be held as a rule with Paul Pape-Senner. Where required, our highly qualified cooperation partners - all of them have many years of experience in their consulting work on the basis of the described philosophy - contribute to a concrete realisation of measures in our fields of activity.

The regular collaboration among the different cooperation partners enlarges the professional and personal range of our consulting services and also allows to realise large and long-term innovation projects.

As an active member in an international network of organisational consultants we equally operate in multinational companies where questions concerning intercultural cooperation occur frequently. This network consists of experienced consultants from Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Hungary, and the U.S.A.

Successful activities in the described areas are based on good personal relationships among the involved partners. Considering this fact, all employees, cooperation partners and network consultants put in all their professional and methodical know how as well as their high psychological competence.