Our Philosophy

Our belief and the view of humanity behind it are characterized by the ideas of humanistic psychology, in particular by the approach of Gestalt psychology and a systemic orientation.


Our fundamental convictions are based on the human being's striving for self-responsibility and his/her general capability to achieve this state. Simultaneously we are aware of the necessity of borders and their function to offer an orientation. Every modern company is faced with the challenge to balance these apparently opposing tendencies constructively. For us this translates into the necessity to bring process orientation and aim orientation into accord.

Process orientation

Process orientation means for us: we consider the fact that developments cannot be predicted or planned in detail, particularly so when human qualities are involved. Our approach is to take up phenomena that arise in the course of a process or that a human being becomes aware of and to integrate them into the overall process. The fact that insights and ideas only appear in the course of the process is an expression of dynamic learning and that this process evades attempts to plan it. Therefore, in particular cases, process orientation can imply a sensible change of direction or of focus.

Aim orientation

Aim orientation means: in all phenomena that bear the quality of a process, we do not lose touch of the overall aim. Aims provide a process with a direction and a context. To achieve them is the purpose and the reason of the processes set in motion. We see our task in designing the processes in a way which allows an optimal accomplishment of the aims.


Against the tendency of immediate action we set the concept of comprehensive perception and awareness. We do so because we are convinced that only a comprehensive awareness about the present situation and the complex reasons for the present circumstances will determine a helpful direction of activity and kind of activity. Accordingly, awareness is the basis for every optimised activity.

Inner attitude

Our inner attitude and our value system influence the way in which we experience things to a greater extent than cognitive knowledge. Methods and instruments can only take an effect, if they are applied in harmony with our personal attitudes and our awareness. Every learning effort, every innovation and every action always requires the aspect of sincere self-reflection.


Learning also implies: change. Both elements realize themselves in the personalities of the involved human beings. Changes take place, if the people involved change themselves. Mere adaptation to prescribed conditions do not change anything and will not be realistic. Motivation, commitment and enthusiasm require that the path is pursued with a desire from within, from the heart. This insight and the certainty that one can only effect changes in oneself but never in another person consequently leads to the realization that measures taken to change a certain condition will always entail work on one's own personality. It is our great concern to integrate this aspect adequately into our work within the context of a company.


Wherever innovative forces are at work, there will regularly be forces insisting on the present conditions. As a rule they emerge as what is often called "stick-in-the-muds" or simply as "resistance". Our philosophy includes the approach to recognise the high energy potential bound by the resistance as well as its meaning and to bring it into the innovation process.


A dynamic company is inconceivable without permanent self-reflection and permanent learning. It is our concern to redefine the process of learning positively and to allow for a relaxed and open access to learning - also with regard to learning from each other. The complexity of larger organisations implies that enormous potentials of experience or knowledge remain unused. Frequently, decisions are based on lack of knowledge (e.g. about the current morale of the employees) or on assumptions. We understand it to be our task to rediscover these assets and to make them accessible.


There are no generally applicable rules or remedies for issues arising in a company. Every system (the human being, the dyad, the team, the company) is special and unique due to its history, its developed culture and its concrete context (e.g. branch of industry, market, combination of employees, regional and legal particularities, etc.). Accordingly, every system requires its specific and individual solutions. Those who engage us are aware that we do not present ready-made solutions for specific questions and at the same time that they will be actively involved in the development of the solution.


We see our task in facilitating on all system levels the development of optimal answers to the particularly specific requirements. To do so we put in our professional, methodical and theoretical know how as well as our manifold experiences, we pose the right questions and develop steps to realise the solution. We act in this manner on the basis of a respectful, open and trusting relationship to our clients. On this basis, our identification with the concern of our client and our personal commitment arises.