Our Consulting Services

According to our conviction that every element of an organisation inevitably influences all other elements, our consulting services are oriented towards the company as a systemic unit. On every level there are numerous different approaches and topics. From these, one can choose those options which are most appropriate for the current questions concerning the company and its particularities.

In principle, we do not offer a standard but develop a design, the suitable methods and the contents of all measures tailor-made for the company, the question and the objective. Therefore the following survey merely represents the range of topics of our consulting services. The concrete contents will be elaborated in collaboration with the client.


Organisational consulting

Management consulting

Innovation management

Process counselling

Development of designs for innovation processes

Adaption and introduction of Balanced Scorecards

Development of concrete perspectives and visions

Large Group Events

Moderation of workshops, reviews and meetings

Team developments




Conflict management

Team development

Sales training

Personality development

Training of internal process counsellors

Training of internal trainers (Train-the-Trainer)


Coaching of individual persons

Coaching of teams

Training of superiors in coaching of employees