Our Partners

Paul Pape-Senner

Studied psychology in Berlin.

He worked as a therapist for 15 years and as a trainer in Gestalt educational theory and Gestalt therapy for 6 years.

Since 1993 he works as a consultant, trainer and coach for industrial companies.

Training in Gestalt therapy and in international and intercultural Gestalt organisational development, both in Germany and the U.S.

His main focus lies on interpersonal processes in interaction as well as on the inclusion of individual and human aspects in overall processes.

Dr. Gustav Bergmann

Professor of systemic marketing and management at Siegen University.

Consultant and coach for strategy and development as a partner of CoinCo - die Unternehmerberatung, Köln

Dr.-Ing. Arno Bitzer

Professor of industrial management at the University of Applied Sciences in Köln.

Lecturer of business management subjects for engineers, Natural scientist and computer scientist.

Trainer for rhetoric, presentation and moderation.

Heika Eidenschink


Training in Gestalt therapy. Set up her psychotherapeutic practice in 1989.

Since 1997 active as a consultant for industrial companies in the areas of personality development seminars, sales trainings, communication trainings, team development, supervision and coaching.


Klaus Eidenschink

Studies in theology, philosophy and psychology.

Opened his psychotherapeutic practice in 1989.

Between 1994-97 trainer in the team of Dr. Rosenkranz.

Collaboration in trainings for organisational consultants and management trainers.

Foundation of Eidenschink & Partner in 1996.

Co-Director of "HEPHAISTOS", an institute for vocational training for trainers and consultants.

Lecturer at the College of Aalen.

Dr. Gudrun Frank

Mechanical engineer and industrial scientist.

Long-term experience in research and as a project leader, in human resource development and workplace design.

Director of TOB Organisationsberatung.

Focus: Training, Design of organisational processes in industrial companies, design of work structuring and team organisation.

Furthermore, cooperation partners whose qualification focus on business management, law, art, medicine, educational theory, psychology, strategic management, theatre are available for a collaboration in specific projects.