The challenges of an entrepreneurial organisation are manifold.

Processes need to be optimised, costs must be saved, more efficient procedures need to be designed, synergies want to be enabled and employed.

Restructuring, Re-Engineering and the introduction of new models (e.g. team work, negotiation of objectives, partly autonomous areas) require considerations and measures as to how employees can be motivated to realize them and how they can be involved in this realization.

Distinct cultures have to be brought into accord for cooperation.

Different areas or departments must be won over not only to be in the same boat, but also to row in the same direction. Sometimes this effort requires to overcome a chasm between the several parties that has been growing for years.

New perspectives, visions, strategies must be developed to guarantee a long-term success of the company.

The culture of the company needs to be designed so that it enables the company to realize its aims and supports it in doing so.

Our approach in consulting is oriented to employ the inherent potential, resources and constellations, in order to accomplish optimally the aims agreed to on the basis of the specific conditions of the company.