Process Counselling

We also accompany long-term innovation and change processes. We regard it as our task to realise project-related measures and to ensure that all relevant aspects and fields will be considered. Accompanying workshops (where necessary) and reviews held regularly will ensure that the process bears a high quality and that the objectives will be met.

When we accompany an innovation process the fact that there are forces in an organisation which actively support the change process, while there will frequently be forces that more or less actively refuse or oppose the aspired changes, finds our special consideration. It is our aim to find a constructive approach towards this resistance (and the possible fears behind it) and to bring the energies bound in it positively into the process of the development.

We support measures that help a company to produce its own resources for the lasting continuation of the freshly implemented and changed processes so that the company will be - at least in the topic in question - independent of external assistance within a medium-term period.