Trainings are intended to be useful - both to the participant and to the company. It is necessary for a lasting effect of the learnt methods, however, that the application is embedded in the personality of the participant.

We do not suggest to learn methods and instruments in order to apply them more or less mechanically (employees notice that by the way and will accordingly not take it seriously, which is why this will not be effective). Nor are we talking about adopting notions, as possibly wished for by third parties (company, superiors, trainers, etc.), and therefore merely perform an act of adaptation. The participant's action is rather thought to be in accordance with his or her personality, values and views of life - also in the application of methods and instruments.

Therefore it is part of every training to work with the individual manifestations of qualities, awareness, values and forms of behaviour - next to presenting and exercising methodical know how. We attach a high significance to the development of a personal style in applying methodical knowledge.

To ensure the transfer of training contents into the daily professional routine is of great value to us. In connection with our orientation towards the personal integration of the learnt contents, this approach guarantees a long-term sustainability of successful learning experiences.