Team Development

Team developments are a nucleus of our activities. Their necessity often arises - next to the actual team level - from an innovation project on the organisational level, but also from a coaching, for instance the coaching of a superior.

Team performance is the result of both an individual performance as well as collective working results. The outcome of a team cooperation is in all higher than the sum of the individual performances would be without the element of teamwork. Optimal synergy effects are created, when the skills and potentials of every team member is mobilised and put into the team project. This process makes highest demands on the involved persons, in particular with respect to communication and social competencies. The quality of the relationships in the team determines its performance.

One topic in successful teamwork is to bring the different systems - the individuals, the group of individuals as a system of its own, and the tasks - optimally into accord. This is precisely the aim of our team developments.

Our approach is oriented towards designing the relationships, interactions, roles and distribution of tasks and competencies with a high degree of awareness. As a result effective, innovative and high-performance teamwork is possible which does not demand power but sets energy free.

Download: Team development (.pdf/22 kb)