Sales Training

Future-oriented sales activities are based on long-term set customer-relations. In this context the salesperson with his / her specific personality is the most effective sales instrument. Their appeal, credibility and persuasive power contribute essentially to the reaction of the (potential) customer towards products and services.

It is the quality of the relation between the company's representative and the customer that is of crucial importance. To take account of this circumstance and to develop a company-specific sales philosophy can become a decisive advantage in competition.

Accordingly, the necessity arises for the salespersons to keep reflecting their personalities. This as well as the course of the relationships towards the customers represents a central aspect in our sales training.

Concrete concepts for these training courses are designed in close cooperation with our client and considers the specific demands, facts, and company objectives.

A concept that we have developed and realised successfully consists of three seminars for sales representatives. These seminars are based on one another and complemented by the participation of internal service representatives and by a thematic focus on "key account management". The concept includes a parallel seminar programme for the level of superiors.

Basic Sales Training – Relation-oriented Sales

Advanced Sales Training – Consulting to the advantage of the customer

Sales Personality Training – Personality development for the salesperson

Key Account Management – National and intercultural

Customer Service Training – Sales functions of internal services

Team-Coaching for Sales Representatives – A new leadership task for sales managers

Each module of the concept can be downloaded separately.

Download: Basic Sales Training (.pdf/22kb)
Download: Advanced Sales Training (.pdf/22kb)
Download: Sales Personality Training (.pdf/22 kb)
Download: Key Account Management (.pdf/23 kb)
Download: Customer Service Training (.pdf/22kb)
Download: Team-Coaching for Sales Representatives (.pdf/22 kb)