Inhouse Trainer

Internal process counsellor

Numerous innovation projects require a close operative counselling which can only be performed by internal employees. Therefore internal process counsellors are often found in the context of the company which is involved in an innovation process and which needs counselling. They possess excellent know how. For the manifold tasks as a process counsellor, however, further competencies are necessary.

Central fields in which a process counsellor requires know how are the abilities to convey knowledge to others (didactics), to elaborate and visualise (presentation), to chair meetings (moderation), to develop solutions in a team (creative problem solution), to shape team processes (team work) and to pass things on to persons in higher hierarchies (presentation).

For these aspects we offer a training which on the one hand considers the existing background and on the other goes especially into the specific requirements of process counselling.


A qualification of members of staff is an essential ingredient of most innovation processes. For professional, organisational and economic reasons it makes sense to organise the transfer of knowledge within a company. Employees, who are qualified in terms of their profession to train colleagues, need to be equipped with fundamental know how for this activity. In a Train-the-Trainer seminar, which has been conceived particularly for this function, we create the preconditions for optimally employing this company-inherent potential. This programme takes into account the respective requirements of the involved staff members, their knowledge and competencies as well as the company-specific aspects of their activity as a trainer.