In Coaching one works on developing a sound balance between the high demands which every employee is confronted with and their individual needs and requirements. The higher the degree of accordance between action and motivation, the more committed, qualified and efficient the work of a human being will be. Pleasure and enthusiasm are the most powerful guarantees for success. It is the foremost aim of Coaching to diminish, if not possibly close, perceived chasms and to create an access to one's inner motivation.

Continuously, every human being keeps encountering one's personal difficulty in the areas of perception and behaviour. Generally, these difficulties are limitations in the range of thought and behaviour. It is the second crucial aim of Coaching to dis-cover these limitations, to solve the underlying blockades in order to enlarge the repertoire of experiences and actions.

In contrast to psychotherapy and self-discovery, Coaching focuses on the person's professional activity and the concrete reality of the company. Self-discovery which lacks the professional and company-related context is not Coaching. However: Coaching will always be self-discovery and is inconceivable without it.