Coaching of Individual Persons

A Coaching of individual persons is a central element both of the professional-personal development of the person in question (and therefore of human resources development) and also of an optimised design of leadership culture and management processes (and thus of organisational development).

In our view, Coaching is an approach to gain more authenticity, to cope better with professional demands - also with the "little" situations of daily routine - and to open up new personal power sources. This can only be achieved with personal examination and inner growth. Often, tips, tricks and remedies are asked for, but exactly these will prevent a profound examination, because they replace the personal growth and accordingly are out of place in serious Coaching. After all, human beings carry the best answers to their questions within themselves - the task ahead is to actually find them there.

A sincere examination of one's inner and outer reality as well as the interactions between the two areas of life leads to more genuineness in living and acting. The perceivable harmony of inner and outer life, of thought and action is a basic human need whose fulfilment can occasionally set free enormous powers. Against the background of our longstanding experience we accompany and design a Coaching process with a high degree of regard, respect, esteem, and acceptance but also with appropriate confrontation and open feedback.

Aims, topics and general framework will be agreed upon in a personal preliminary discussion.