Training of Superiors in Coaching of Employees

In recent years the Coaching of employees has increasingly become an element of modern leadership. It places the staff member with his / her competencies and potentials at the centre of attention and aims at a high degree of self-reliant and responsible commitment of the employee.

Those who would like to be a Coach for their own members of staff should consider two aspects:

1. The limitations of this Coaching activity, which result from the simultaneous function as an executive in the company, require a highly conscious and transparent approach to the double role.

2. Sound basic knowledge, especially in the field of psychology, is an indispensable precondition for an activity as Coach. Coaching cannot be realized "instinctively" or on the basis of everyday knowledge.

We offer a thorough training in Coaching of employees for superiors.

Again, we take into account the aims and circumstances of the concrete company and create a concept in close cooperation with our client.